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Vacancy - Problem Assets Management Officer

Credit Bureau is pleased to announce an opening for the position of Problem Assets Management Officer.

Application deadline: 31 December 2012.

See full text of this announcement in Georgian.

დეკ 18 2014
No, it is not true.
No, it is not true. You cannot dusipte facts, regardless of the reasons. The credit bureau doesnt care WHY you were behind on your house payments -it is ONLY their job to report the facts, and not to decide on which ones have merit and which ones dont. Obviousy, if there is an entry on your report that is wrong, it can be dusipted and removed. But if you got behind on your house payments and went into short sale, those facts will be recorded on your report and cannot be removed. It is not
დეკ 21 2014
Go to the major cred
Go to the major credit card <a href="">webitses</a> and look at the applications for student credit cards.I believe all CCs check credit reports, but it varies on the minimum requirements needed to get approved. Few will lend you money without checking if you are trustworthy.Your first CC will likely be a low-limit, high-interest one, so your credit-building task might be a slow one. Ask at your bank about getting one through them. Remember, if you get a CC, try not to ca
იან 03 2015
That's a subtle way
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